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About us

Kubir Prasad Bastola, Co-Founder & CEO

Kubir Prasad is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Bhutan Tara Excursion and is responsible for the company’s overall business strategy and vision. Kubir co-founded Bhutan Tara Excursion in 2010 with a mission to connect people to life-enriching travel experiences.


Bhutan Tara Excursion is one of the top travel & tourism company in Bhutan with more than 10 years in travel & tourism industry. We are a licensed company approved by Tourism Council of Bhutan & Ministry of Economic Affairs and we are member of Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO).

Our Expertise

We are team of Travel & Tourism management professionals working round the clock to ensure you have the most memorable holidays while you are in Bhutan and leave Bhutan filled with a smail and happiness from ‘The Land of Happiness’

We Believe

Bhutan Tara Excursion believes in providing quality and high standards when it comes to services from accommodation to vehicles and well trained guides. We understand the requirements of our guests and always try to provide the best of facilities and services without compromising in the quality and swiftness in carrying out our services.